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When to Move From Assisted Living to Memory Care

Young adult talking to her senior father on the living room couch.

As the population ages, memory-related conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia have become more prevalent. For many families, personal care communities provide the necessary support for their loved ones, offering a blend of independence and assistance with daily activities.  However, as cognitive impairments progress, there may come a time when transitioning to a memory care community […]

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Does My Mom Need Personal Care or a Nursing Home

A nurse checking in on a nursing home resident.

For numerous families, considering the future care requirements of their aging parents involves researching possibilities such as personal care or nursing homes.  The distinction between personal care and nursing homes lies in various aspects, including the level of medical care provided, the degree of independence allowed to residents, the types of services and experiences offered, […]

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What is the Best Pet for Seniors in Assisted Living?

An older adult woman playing with a small dog in a living room

As people age and transition into assisted living communities, companionship becomes increasingly important for an individual’s well-being. Pets can provide older adults with not only companionship but also a sense of purpose and responsibility.  However, selecting the right pet for older adults in assisted living requires careful consideration to make sure of a suitable match […]

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20 Things Not to Say to Someone With Dementia

A loving son having a conversation with his senior father who has dementia while enjoying a cup of coffee by the stairs

Living with dementia can be challenging, not only for the individual affected but also for their friends, family, and caregivers.  For caregivers, effective communication and the creation of a positive environment are essential strategies. Engaging the individual’s attention and conveying messages clearly can facilitate better interactions. However, when you’re talking to an individual experiencing dementia, […]

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What to Expect from a Memory Care Facility? 

A senior woman in a senior living facility sitting on a chair smiling and having a conversation with a nurse.

Different types of senior living communities offer different ways to age gracefully. Independent living communities could be great for those who still operate with minimal assistance, or personal care lifestyle options may be better for a senior who needs more support  in their daily lives. Another alternative some communities offer is memory care for loved […]

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The Best Exercise Apps for Seniors in Assisted Living

A group of seniors stretching while seated.

As adult children age, many of their loved ones will experience decreased physical activity due to various age and health-related reasons, such as medical conditions or mobility issues.  Senior living communities can provide older adults with services and amenities that help keep their bodies moving to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent illness. However, there […]

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