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What is the Best Pet for Seniors in Assisted Living?

An older adult woman playing with a small dog in a living room

As people age and transition into assisted living communities, companionship becomes increasingly important for an individual’s well-being. Pets can provide older adults with not only companionship but also a sense of purpose and responsibility.  However, selecting the right pet for older adults in assisted living requires careful consideration to make sure of a suitable match […]

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The Best Exercise Apps for Seniors in Assisted Living

A group of seniors stretching while seated.

As adult children age, many of their loved ones will experience decreased physical activity due to various age and health-related reasons, such as medical conditions or mobility issues.  Senior living communities can provide older adults with services and amenities that help keep their bodies moving to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent illness. However, there […]

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The Levels of Care in Assisted Living Communities

An assisted living resident smiling at the camera while she is playing cards with other senior living residents

As the caretaker of a senior, you may be considering the advantages of assisted living and how it could potentially enhance your loved one’s quality of life. Assisted living and personal care communities provide an array of services and levels of support tailored to meet each individual’s needs.  Such services may include assistance with activities […]

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How Is Assisted Living Different from Independent Living?

A senior man with gray hair looking directly at the camera smiling and holding a book

As our loved ones age, it’s common to think about the different types of care they may need in the future. For senior living options, you can consider two popular choices: personal care and independent living. But how do they differ? Assisted living provides personalized care and assistance with daily tasks, and independent senior living […]

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